How it works

Harmless for humans and animals, nopixgo® simulates natural electromagnetic waves and fields, similar to atmospheric discharges during a thunderstorm.

Mosquitoes perceive those signals as a threat and hide instead of biting. The nopixgo® mosquito bite protection wristband ensures protection from getting bitten within a radius of about two meters.

A thunderstorm’s atmospheric discharges generate electromagnetic waves and fields that mosquitoes can detect from a long distance away. As soon as mosquitoes detect the signs of a thunderstorm, they instinctively flee because to them, thunderstorms are life threatening. The high-tech module of the nopixgo® simulates signals similar to the discharges of a thunderstorm, thereby providing protection inside a radius of about two meters. When a mosquito flies towards the protection zone, its sensilla (sensory organs similar to hairs) transmit the environmental stimuli to the brain and it flees immediately as its survival instinct kicks in. If the mosquito is already inside the protection zone, it does not flee but nor does it bite. With its high-tech electronics, nopixgo® provides safe protection against mosquito bites and is harmless to humans and animals.


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