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nopixgo ®

Hi-Tech Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband
NEW - The Ultimate Bite Protection

Mosquito bites itch and can transfer dangerous diseases, like Malaria, Yellow and Dengue fever. nopixgo® is a newly developed electronic Hi-tech Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband, invented and produced in Switzerland which keeps mosquitoes from biting.

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• Greater protection against mosquito bites than from other products
• 100 % free of DEET chemicals
• No ultrasonic
• No hazardous radiation
• Harmless to humans and animals
• Only 1 hour charging time via USB for 48 hours protection
• Skin friendly plastic
• Splash proof
• Resistant to vibrations and knocks
• Tested worldwide
• Works under many different climate conditions
• Developed and manufactured in Switzerland
• 2 year guarantee